Useful addresses and suggestion for your vacation in Argentario and in Giglio and Giannutri isles.
Ancient island of Argentario in the millenniums was transformed in a promontory linked to the land by two offshore bars (tombolo di Giannella e di Feniglia) between them found Orbetello lagoon. Argentario was fortified under Spanish domination. Vestiges of defensive sixteenth century architecture are still visible in the fishing villages of Porto S.Stefano and Porto Ercole. A few miles from the coast found Giglio island with its three villages: Giglio Porto, Giglio Castello, Campese and Giannutri island, the old Greek Artemisia, with remains of an ancient Roman first century villa.
Argentario views
Isola rossa
Il Campese (Giglio)
Cala del Gesso
Cala Galera
"Feniglia" Km 1,5 SP 2 di Porto Ercole
"Giannella" Tombolo della Giannella - SP 36
"Bagni di Domiziano" Km 10 SS 440 di P.S.Stefano
"Pozzarello" Km 11,4 SS 440 di P.S.Stefano
"La Soda" Km 10,9 SS 440 di P.S.Stefano
"Cala Grande" Km 4 Via Panoramica (SP 65)
"Cala del Gesso" Km 5,9 Via Panoramica (SP 65)
Parks & Oasis
WWF Oasis of Orbetello (SS Aurelia Km148) 0564/820297
Natural Park of Maremma (loc. Alberese) 0564/407098
WWF Oasis of Burano Lake (loc. Capalbio) 0564/898829
WWF Oasis of Patanella (loc. Patanella)  
Art & Culture
"Rovine di Cosa" museum at Ansedonia 0564/881421
Aquarium of Argentario at P.S.Stefano 0564/815933
"Polveriera Guzman" at Orbetello 0564/861242
Sports & Fitness
Diving "Costa d'Argento" at P.S.Stefano 348/6900581
Diving "Cala del Nostromo" at P.S.Stefano 0564/817421
Diving "Cala Galera Diving Center" at P.S.Stefano 0564/810145
Diving "Atmosphera Diving Club" (loc. Gianella) 0564/820201
"Sporting Spa Argentario" (loc. Costa di Teva) 0564/816740
Tennis at P.S.Stefano (loc. Campone) 0564/813552
Tennis at Orbetello (loc. La Pista) 0564/867539

Baths at Saturnia (Manciano)

Golf "Argentario Golf Club" (loc. Le Piane) 0564/813850
Riding "Il Barbazzale" at Orbetello Scalo 0564/864208
Ristorante "Il Foro" at P.S.Stefano 0564/814138
Trattoria Pizzeria "La Taverna" at Orbetello 0564/867969
Ristorante "Il Moletto" at P.S.Stefano 0564/813636
Ristorante "Da Siro" at P.S.Stefano 0564/812538
Ristorante "La Caletta" at P.S.Stefano 0564/812939
Emergency telephone numbers
Carabinieri 112 0564/812526
Fire Brigade 115  
Ambulance 118  
Doctors 0564/817666  
Useful telephone numbers
Tourist Information 0564/814208
Ferry Toremar 0564/810803
  Maregiglio 0564/812920
Public utilities
Banks Porto S.Stefano, Orbetello
Public phones Porto S.Stefano, Orbetello
Nearest Hospital Orbetello Scalo
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